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Ocean Room, Sydney


The finest Japanese I’ve ever had. Well, probably the finest food I’ve ever had, full stop. In the increasingly busy last semester of my degree, I nabbed the invite to try the tasting menu at Ocean Room, knowing it would be one of my last major social outings for a couple months. Boy, I don’t regret it. Continue reading


Tempura Prawn Roll


So I’ve only been back to classes for one week and I already feel like I’m in the thick of study! This semester is my final one for my Bachelor’s course…it’s a bit of a doozy so I’ve tried to pick my classes well. Only one face-to-face is a plus as I get to manage my own Continue reading

Handcrafted Espresso Cups



These beautiful espresso cups were a belated birthday gift from my dear friend Kylie (and today is HER birthday–Happy Birthday, Kylie!), who is known for (among other things), 4:30am trips to the Sydney Flower Markets, 7:30am coffee drop offs, stunning creations on her blog, All Things Lovely, and abundant Pinning. The espresso cups were handcrafted Continue reading

Shin Ramyun


One of the questions I get asked a lot when people hear my blog’s name is “what’s your favourite ramen?” Well, to answer this in short is a little difficult since the asker usually means ramen of the instant variety, whereas my ramen-love is towards the non-instant kind (thinkĀ miso, tonkotsu, shio ramen at a Japanese ramen joint. Continue reading

Smokey O’s BBQ


If you haven’t heard of Smokey O, now’s your time for an education. Smokey O is total Southern-American style BBQ immersion. I admittedly haven’t had BBQ this good in years–and being a Northern boy not so surrounded by Southern BBQ I’m inclined to suggest that this may have been in my top 2-3 BBQ experiences of all time. On a wet Sydney-summer Sunday afternoon around 30 some people huddled around Smokey’s BBQs at Putney Park for a beautiful meat-feast Continue reading