Tempura Prawn Roll


So I’ve only been back to classes for one week and I already feel like I’m in the thick of study! This semester is my final one for my Bachelor’s course…it’s a bit of a doozy so I’ve tried to pick my classes well. Only one face-to-face is a plus as I get to manage my own time more, but this also means more discipline, much more reading and less procrastination! I start browsing blogs and photographing things to get into a ‘creative mood’ for reading and writing, only to find that this saps a great deal of my creative energy. Now to the food. I picked up this sushi from Woolies on my way home from class (posh, I know) and I gotta say…it wasn’t bad. To be honest I bypassed other sushi stores because I didn’t have any cash and didn’t want to go to an ATM. Woolworths in Parramatta Westfield has a sushi stand inside the deli that sells fresh made sushi for a quick takeaway. I bought a crunchy tempura prawn California roll pack that had delicious Japanese mayonnaise and BBQ sauce drizzled atop ($8), and a small box of brown rice and avocado rolls ($3). So though I’m not urging anyone to rush to the local Woolies for the pinnacle of sushi dining experiences, if you happen to pass one and want a quick snack or meal, it’s good option.


(Note: this post was neither solicited nor endorsed by Woolworths Ltd.)


4 thoughts on “Tempura Prawn Roll

  1. starloz

    You totes liked 5 photos so here I am, on your blog. wowzer. your photography is getting better and better – teach me!!

    I’ve had the sushi from woolies too, actually no I had a tuna rice paper roll and you know what — LOVED IT.

    ps I’m insanely jealous that your in your last semester of your bachelors degree. I’m in my first.. *tears,#manytears*. enough about me and congrats to you.

    1. ShaunLovesRamen Post author

      Thanks! I have been trying to work at developing style in my photography. Been working hard to pick and choose and throw out alot of photos to limit them to 2-3 good ones.

      The sushi ain’t bad eh?

      Very much looking forward to being done with my degree :S


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