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Vegetarian Lasagne


Meat Free Week is upon us! I’ve been on a bit of a flexitarian kick (I’m so GQ) recently–that is, eating vegetarian the majority of the time. Less meat and far healthier food for a few weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference, particularly in my complexion and the feel of my skin. I know alot of -arian things can be trendy, as can various changes in diet, but I think it’s best to eat what works for you Continue reading


Cheat’s Eton Mess


This cheat’s eton mess recipe is a quick and relatively low-fat way of having dessert on busy weeknights or lazy weekends. Continue reading

Shin Ramyun


One of the questions I get asked a lot when people hear my blog’s name is “what’s your favourite ramen?” Well, to answer this in short is a little difficult since the asker usually means ramen of the instant variety, whereas my ramen-love is towards the non-instant kind (think miso, tonkotsu, shio ramen at a Japanese ramen joint. Continue reading

Fried Eggs & Potato Rösti

This is a great way to use leftover mashed potatoes. Continue reading