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Campos @ Coco

If you weren’t already aware of Campos Coffee’s presence in the CBD of Parramatta, this post is for you.

Interestingly, I had only heard rumors of a hidden cafe near the train station which served up Campos at high quality.


Last Tuesday in a fit of spontaneity I headed to Parra to shop and check out said cafe.

Crossing the street from Westfield towards Macca’s, I veer left down the alley-street parallel to the trains, passing half a dozen convenience stores and average looking cafes and salons.  I began to wonder if the place existed til the very end of the street – and emerged the cafe, Coco Lane Coffee Bar in all it’s decorative beauty and proudly flourishing the Campos florette logo.

A lone barista worked rhythmically behind the bar, taking batch orders of 3 or 4 before returning to pull shots and spin milk.  I am not sure of the total association of Coco Lane with Campos but I was pleasantly surprised to see their identity everywhere, from the walls and t-shirts to the signature green florette take away cups.

I ordered a latte and a ham, cheese & tomato toasted sandwich at an amazing value – $7.00!  That’s right. Great coffee and a breakfast sandwich or wrap for $7.00.  Several deals of such price and nature grace the menu board for lunch and breakfast.

Although the sandwich is average, the coffee is excellent – only a little bettered by the one I had at Campos in Newtown two weeks before.

Pleased I found this cafe, and I will definitely be making it a staple of my trips to Parra in the future!!

You can find Coco Lane Coffee Bar at:

1 Smith Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9635 6651

It also has a sister cafe in the lobby of the office complex on Smith street – Limeline Cafe.

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