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Guzman Y Gomez, Newtown

As an American living overseas, I often get Mexican/Tex-Mex food withdrawals.
After trying and crying over several ‘Mexican’ restaurants in Sydney, I found Mad Mex with some friends.  And now there is an alternative: Guzman Y Gomez.

Guzman Y Gomez have eight outposts: Kings Cross, Bondi Junction, MLC Centre, Australia Square, Crows Nest, Westfield Sydney, Fortitude Valley, and Newtown, where I was yesterday.

Don’t be scared!  Seats are empty because I was there at 11am!

GYG is a fresh fast food joint serving up tacos, quesadillas and burritos in the style popularised in California, New Mexico and Texas.

They have a simple menu where you pick your dish, your meat filling and any sides you want.  There is also a condiment bar with a myriad of complimentary sauces to light a fire in your mouth.

The fillings include:
1. Chicken Guerrero
2. Spicy Chicken Guerrero
3. D.F. Steak & Onion
4. Beef Guerrero
5. Pork Chipotle
6. Barramundi
7. Veggie (includes quacamole)

I go for a Mini Burrito with D.F. Steak & Onion, Corn Chips & Guac and a can of drink.  The D.F. Steak & Onion is slices of juicy, tender, flavorsome steak with sticky onions and just a little chipotle heat.  The burrito is stuffed with rice, beans, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa and plenty of cilantro (coriander).  Fresh and yummy!

Mini D.F. Steak & Onion Burrito ($6), Corn Chips & Guac ($5) and a can of Pepsi ($1 with meal purchase)

For $12 altogether, you can’t beat it in Sydney.

GUZMAN Y GOMEZ Mexican Tequeria
175 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

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Recipe: KOGI Style Kimchi Tacos

I love Korean stuff.  K-BBQ, K-Pop, K-andy…



You’ve possibly heard about the Food Truck phenomenon that is rumbling across the United States: a return to humble, mobile and fun street foods that have maybe lost their popularity in the western world – though we should never have fallen out of love with them.

Spear heading the food truck fiend may be Mark Manguera, Caroline Shin-Manguera & Roy Choi’s “KOGI” BBQ truck, dishing up Korean food south-of-the-border style (or is it the other way around?) and posting their feeding locations via Twitter.

Though I’ve had my fair share of Burritos fresh off the trucks back in the US, I haven’t had KOGI, and am no expert – so I’ll let you find out more here…or just search “KOGI” on Google and you’ll have more results than you know what to do with.

I’m here to give a recipe for one of the favs from the truck, Kimchi Tacos, which I decided to make and bring to share at the Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2010.

I only brought 10, and they were gone within about 20 seconds…so were they good?

If you are reading this and ate one of my tacos at the picnic, tell me what you think!!??

KOGI Style Kimchi Tacos

For the BBQ Sauce (this sauce is a fusion of American and Korean style BBQ sauces)
4 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons Gochujang (fermented Korean hot pepper paste) (available at most Asian grocers)
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons sesame oil
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
(Please note: I had to tweak the recipe to taste.  Feel free to season and adjust amounts to your tastes.)

Kimchi (available at most Asian grocers)
Chicken, pork or beef, cooked and shredded
Small sized flour or corn tortillas
Nori Seaweed & Cooking Twine for plating


Place all of the ingredients for the BBQ sauce in a bowl, mix and set aside.  Heat each tortilla on the grill or in a fry pan until soft and supple.

Assemble each taco by placing an amount of meat to your preference on the tortilla.  Drizzle over the meat however much of the BBQ sauce you prefer (be generous!), then top with a piece or two of Kimchi (remember, Kimchi will be a predominant flavor here.)

Fold one side of the tortilla in.  This will be the bottom of the taco.  Leaving the opposite side open, fold in the remaing two sides to make a roll. (I’m sure you know how to form a burrito.)

Cut a Nori sheet into four long, even strips.  Wrap a piece of Nori around the middle of each taco and tie a neat bow of twin around it to hold all together.

Serve up and eat!