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Handcrafted Espresso Cups



These beautiful espresso cups were a belated birthday gift from my dear friend Kylie (and today is HER birthday–Happy Birthday, Kylie!), who is known for (among other things), 4:30am trips to the Sydney Flower Markets, 7:30am coffee drop offs, stunning creations on her blog, All Things Lovely, and abundant Pinning. The espresso cups were handcrafted Continue reading


Seattle: Stumptown Coffee Roasters & Iced Coffee Stubbies

Seattle is of course well known for its unequivocal coffee scene and is the birthplace of the Starbucks brand.  These days as Starbies has spread its wings as an international chain, coffee bean broker & frappuccino vendor, it’s no longer the place to find excellent espresso.  (This isn’t to knock my love of the place and occasional guilty pleasure of my double short caramel macchiato…which, being thousands of miles from ‘home,’ sometimes takes me back.)

Seattle’s southern neighbour, Portland, is of course in it’s own right a coffee capitol.  This is where Stumptown Coffee Roasters is originally out-posted.  I’ve had an internet love-affair with Stumptown since reading about it over the past year at NYTimes.com & T magazine. Lucky for me, by the time I made my way back to the States for a little visit, Stumptown had a shop in Seattle.

Americano (similar to long black, except the shots go in the cup first with water topping it off.)

By the laudation of coffee and all it’s bean and brewery, I actually felt completely transported back to Sydney. When I entered the shop it was full of grunge-hipster (a new mix – Seattle is the birth place of grunge) students with their laptops out.  The palate of the place (which was difficult for photos) is rich, masculine browns.  Early 60s wooden radio equipment presides over the shop from its shelved perch.

What I was most pumped to find was that they had these babies in stock…behold the ready-to-drink, iced black coffee…in a stubby:

Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee Stubbies — $3.5/each

That’s right folks, now you can crack a stubby on a hot summer’s day, on the street, without getting thrown in the slammer.  They’re super-strong, like a strong long black.  Perfect way to wake yourself up on a summer day, or cool down on a blazing afternoon.  If you’re not convinced, let Oprah talk you into it.  She featured them in the August 2011 magazine.

What’s more, the barista said the Seattle shop has the highest sales for the stubbies. (Hmm…I’d have thought NYC. I guess Seattle-ites have a higher IQ.)  My big question is, when will someone come out with this in Sydney? *hint hint*

Mom and I bought 6 & they threw in one for free (since we had practically filled a gratuitous drink card in one visit.)

Stumptown Coffee Roasters — Seattle 
616 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Open daily, 7am-9pm

Circa, 21 Wentworth St (Take Two)

I apologize if I spam up Twitter about this place — above average food & coffee out West is not always easy to find!

(First – how is everyone?? I’ve been silent here — mostly due to a house move, and I’m currently in exile until the tenant of my new home moves out!  Catching up on all social media is overwhelming when you’re between places livin’ out of a suitcase!)

The owner of Circa is of Turkish background and is slowly expanding the menu to include more exotic items — a slow stretch to help ease this Locale into culinary delight past banana bread & toasties. 
One of these menu items is the Baked Eggs with Sucuk & Feta (not pictured, sorry) — a delicious middle eastern breakfast dish of perfectly cooked eggs, tomatoes, herbs, fetta and “sucuk” — a warming, spicy beef sausage, perfect for Autum and Winter mornings.

The Banana Bread w/ Passionfruit Butter is a must-try.  Warm, buttery banana bread, toasted and topped with a delicious lemon and passionfruit reduction.  The reduction is house made by the owner; sticky, sweet and sour with tons of texture and crunch from the little passionfruit seeds.
 Banana Bread w/ Passionfruit Butter — $5 

Circa does fine coffee: I’m always pleased with their espressos or double rissies, and the espresso & milk drinks have a smooth, fruity finish while retaining the sour “pucker” feel of the extraction.  Circa cycles through different single origin grinds, most hailing from South America — just check their menu board on the day.

Cappuccino — $3.5 

Double Ristretto 

People who work outside Parramatta will be happy to know Circa is open for breakfast/brunch on Saturday mornings now.  Stop by to show them some love.

Circa on Urbanspoon

Campos @ Coco

If you weren’t already aware of Campos Coffee’s presence in the CBD of Parramatta, this post is for you.

Interestingly, I had only heard rumors of a hidden cafe near the train station which served up Campos at high quality.


Last Tuesday in a fit of spontaneity I headed to Parra to shop and check out said cafe.

Crossing the street from Westfield towards Macca’s, I veer left down the alley-street parallel to the trains, passing half a dozen convenience stores and average looking cafes and salons.  I began to wonder if the place existed til the very end of the street – and emerged the cafe, Coco Lane Coffee Bar in all it’s decorative beauty and proudly flourishing the Campos florette logo.

A lone barista worked rhythmically behind the bar, taking batch orders of 3 or 4 before returning to pull shots and spin milk.  I am not sure of the total association of Coco Lane with Campos but I was pleasantly surprised to see their identity everywhere, from the walls and t-shirts to the signature green florette take away cups.

I ordered a latte and a ham, cheese & tomato toasted sandwich at an amazing value – $7.00!  That’s right. Great coffee and a breakfast sandwich or wrap for $7.00.  Several deals of such price and nature grace the menu board for lunch and breakfast.

Although the sandwich is average, the coffee is excellent – only a little bettered by the one I had at Campos in Newtown two weeks before.

Pleased I found this cafe, and I will definitely be making it a staple of my trips to Parra in the future!!

You can find Coco Lane Coffee Bar at:

1 Smith Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9635 6651

It also has a sister cafe in the lobby of the office complex on Smith street – Limeline Cafe.

Coco Lane on Urbanspoon