Shin Ramyun


One of the questions I get asked a lot when people hear my blog’s name is “what’s your favourite ramen?” Well, to answer this in short is a little difficult since the asker usually means ramen of the instant variety, whereas my ramen-love is towards the non-instant kind (think miso, tonkotsu, shio ramen at a Japanese ramen joint. If you aren’t familiar with what I mean, please check out some place like Gumshara, Rio’s or Zenya in Sydney, or the pricier, but very pleasing Ippudo in Sydney, NYC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, list goes on…). And to take things further, you may have noticed that my blog is mostly not ramen at all–I’m about simple, wholesome food, whatever that may happen to be. So back to the initial question, since by now it hasn’t been answered at all except by extreme circumlocution, if I must pick a favourite packet/instant ramen, the Korean favourite Shin Ramyun is the clear winner. There are a couple varieties of Shin Ramyun–I like the ‘hot and spicy’ (yes, it IS hot and it is spicy). Do a quick hunt on tumblr and you’ll find it’s all the rage, especially among teenagers. You can have these straight up with the dried veggies and soup mix it comes with. You can toss in an egg or two and mix it all together. You can have it in a hot pot with vegetables, spam and hot dogs. Some people even don Shin Ramyun socks. Why not?


Shin Ramyun is available at most local groceries but will be cheaper at Asian groceries.

Everybody Loves Ramen is a Western Sydney based food blog by Shaun Mowrey.


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