Parramatta Phoenix Yum Cha Party

What happens when 17 foodies converge on a Yum Cha joint? A large bill and an overload of food. Parramatta Phoenix opened last year as the newest restaurant in Sydney’s Phoenix Group — the always-busy staple Rhodes Phoenix has been a popular choice of some friends for years. I work and live in Parra, so I pass the place all the time. It has seemed pretty quiet since it opened, but when we arrived for our Yum Cha party, I discovered that the action seems to happen in the upstairs dining first, before they fill the downstairs. So if you’ve walked past thinking (like me) that its a dead spot, its not.
This was also my first and very much long-awaited Yum Cha experience! (shock, horror). All in all I thought it was really good, although there were some hit and miss dishes (the miss dishes I haven’t posted photos of, sorry.) I’m eager to try more places, as my more experienced Yum Cha friends told me about other dishes they usually order that weren’t to be seen at Phoenix. I can’t recall all the names of the dishes, so please forgive me if I get them wrong. Enjoy the photos!

BBQ Pork Buns

Fried Prawn Bun

Vegetable Dumplings

Prawn Chee Chong Fun

Eggplant & Prawn

Salt & Pepper Squid

Dan Tarts

Mango Pancake

Mel (Miss Piggy) enjoying Mango Pudding

Westfield Parramatta
Level 4, Shop 4070

159 – 175 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150

p: (02) 9891 3338


4 thoughts on “Parramatta Phoenix Yum Cha Party

  1. Vivian - vxdollface

    I love yumcha! Luckily for me Rhodes Phoenix is just across the road from me :) and owned by family friends so we never have to wait in line hehe .. actually i don’t think I’ve ever had to wait in line for yumcha, parents seem to know people all over the place! I always wondered why Parra Phoenix looked so empty, never even knew they had an upstairs.

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