Simple Polenta & Eggs

Since there is nothing better than no fuss food…

Simple Polenta with Eggs
Packeted, uncooked polenta, according to serving instruction
Freshly grated parmesan cheese
Eggs (preferably organic and/or free-range)
Garlic cloves
A few handfuls of baby spinach leaves
Olive oil
White vinegar

Cook polenta according to packet instructions, mixing in plenty of parmesan and butter (or olive oil, for a more health-conscious weekday meal). Meanwhile, soft poach the eggs in boiling water with a tablespoon or two of white vinegar. Slice garlic into fine slivers and saute in a frypan with a little olive oil until almost coloured golden, then add a few handfuls of spinach leaves. Wilt the spinach and allow the garlic to finish colouring before removing from the heat. When all is done, scoop your desired serve of polenta into a warmed dish and gently place a poached egg on top. Serve with the wilted, garlicky spinach, and season all with plenty of sea salt flakes (trust me, they’re better and worth the investment), fresh cracked pepper and parmesan cheese.

Recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver’s “Polenta with Eggs” in Jamie Magazine, The Italian Issue, 2012.


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