Ton Ton Ramen, Sydney

Chicken Karaage Ramen


Ton Ton Lips!

Feenin’ for some ramen?  Yeah, me too.  This wet weather has me craving for some slurpy noodles and soup to warm my throat. If you’re around the CBD, this little joint just across from Azuma Patisserie off George could hit the spot.

Ton Ton is a takeaway shop with some of the Japanese standards, plus a pretty diverse and homey ramen menu.  They had some new editions when I was there: mabo tofu ramen (with spicy minced pork) and spicy nira ramen.

We tried the nira (spicy minced pork & bean paste?) and karaage ramen, with some gyoza on the side.

Chicken Karaage Ramen

Spicy Nira Ramen


Ton Ton Ramen 
501 George St Ground Floor
Sydney, NSW 2000
02 9267 1313

Ton Ton Regent on Urbanspoon


7 thoughts on “Ton Ton Ramen, Sydney

    1. ShaunLovesRamen

      Sorry Thang, I wasn’t too descriptive was I! LOL I wrote this post with a massive cold haha.

      If you are willing to make the extra 3 blocks walk to Gumshara I would go there, but I think this place is better than Ichiban Boshi.


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