“The Family Meal” Launch Dinner, Kika Tapas

Everybody Loves Ramen dined courtesy of Kika Tapas, Phaidon and PEPR Publicity.

If you asked me about a book Ferran Adria of elBulli (the 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Spain, considered to be the number one restaurant in the world until 2009) would author, I would have guessed it would be about molecular gastronomy, or as he prefers, “deconstructivist” cuisine.  Which he has, in the titles “elBulli,” and “Modern Gastronomy: A to Z.”  So interestingly, as he closed his restaurant in June this year to pursue other things, the book he has published as what could be one of the lasting memories of his restaurant was not about the food he served his guests.  It’s about his staff dinners.

Ferran’s “The Family Meal” is a cookbook filled with 30 of the dinners prepared and eaten by elBulli chefs and staff.  It is beautifully planned, with each simple, attainable, and delicious meal organised with 3 courses (entree, main and dessert).

It was a pleasure to be invited to the launch of the cookbook at Kika Tapas, courtesy of Kika, Phaidon and PEPR publicity.  To celebrate the book, Kika Tapas, a tapas bar located in Darlinghurst, is doing a set menu option of a 3 course meal from Ferran’s cookbook on Tuesday nights.

Luckily, because there were many of us on the night, I was able to sample multiple dishes.  The meal started with pintxos (Spanish bar snacks) and lovely Spanish wines, followed by entrees of kingfish ceviche or gazpacho.  The mains on the night were slow cooked osso bucco or black rice risotto with cuttlefish.  The desserts were particularly nice: “pina colada” — a dessert inspired by the drink; and fresh slices of baguette topped with shaved Spanish chocolate, olive oil and sea salt.  The chocolate with olive oil and salt was so unusual and delicious!  I will be making that one at home…

“The Family Meal” is available from www.phaidon.com. (photo courtesy of PEPR Publicity)

Kika Tapas
247 Victoria Street  
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(02) 9360 7865
Everybody Loves Ramen would like to thank Bianca and Anna of PEPR Publicity for organising the launch dinner and the kind invitation.  You can follow Bianca on Twitter @eatdrinkntweet

Kika Tapas Bar on Urbanspoon

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