Eat Drink Blog 2011

I was fortunate to be invited to this year’s Eat Drink Blog conference in Sydney, along with roughly 70 other food and drink bloggers from around Australia.  If you’re wondering what it’s about, Eat Drink Blog “was created to bring Australian foodbloggers together in the hope that we can create an Australian Foodbloggers Conference in the style of the International Foodbloggers Conference that was first held in May 2009 in Seattle.”[1]

Along with some incredible food, the conference included sessions on writing, cooking, search engine optimization (SEO), photography and more.  Through generous support and sponsorship from Electrolux, Brasserie Bread and Toby’s Estate and many more, all of the attendees were treated to delicious breads and pastries and fresh espresso pretty much on tap.  It was like Christmas.  Noni Dwyer and team catered our beautiful lunch, which consisted of heirloom tomatoes, a pea and broad bean salad, slow cooked lamb (which was so tender), flatbreads and tzatziki.

Of course, having been in the blog community that is Sydney (and greater Australia), it’s wonderful to finally meet so many people whom I’ve chatted with on Twitter.  The blogosphere is an interesting place — and new technology certainly impacts how we know, relate and communicate with each other!

My highlight (once again, besides the food) was Peter G.’s (Souvlaki for the Soul) food styling masterclass.  I’ll post more on that later.  But for now, here are some snapshots of the conference.

A BIG thanks to all of the sponsors, and especially to Trina (The Gourmet Forager), Jen (Jenius), Reem (I Am Obsessed With Food) and Simon (The Heart of Food), for the incredible hard work and hours putting the whole conference together.

Please take time to check out their blogs and follow them on Twitter:

For info on future events, please go to



32 thoughts on “Eat Drink Blog 2011

  1. Simon @ the heart of food

    You’ve got some nice pics, especially the ones documenting the lunch prep.

    Thanks for participating in the conference. I hope the things you’ve learned and the acquaintances that you’ve made serve you and your blog well for the future.

    1. ShaunLovesRamen Post author

      Thanks for the comment and compliment Simon. I enjoyed the conference very much…I was actually thinking about it when I saw your comment in my inbox — every single session I had something I could “take home” and apply. Especially liked Peter’s G.’s food styling session. Will blog on that later :D

      1. Simon @ the heart of food

        I’m so glad to hear it! That’s about the best compliment we could ever get.

        Peter was an utter machine! I really wished I had time to sit in on his workshop. I’ll have to read about your accounts when you look to post it :)

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