New Home, New Kitchen, New Camera

Hi everyone!

Well the fridge has arrived — which means the move is finally over.  Just a few more boxes to unpack & we’ll be good to go!

While between houses I snagged an unbelievable bargain on a Nikon D80, mint condition, with battery grip & extras.  Just had to nab a bargain 50mm 1.8 lens on eBay to complete the package, which arrived last week.  Me happy.  Plus my vintage 50mm 1.8 lens from 1979 fits & works beautifully (minus auto-focus of course)!

I have several new posts coming up soon as I’ve been pretty snap happy, and very at home in the new kitchen.

Here’s some sneak-peeks XD… (sorry for the under-exposed photos — still getting used to the camera!)

Cheese & Sweet Chilli Scroll — (from grocery bakery lol)

Cherry Tomatoes in queue for cooking (picture taken w/ 1979 Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens) 

Celebratory Brie, olive oil & baguette 


5 thoughts on “New Home, New Kitchen, New Camera

  1. MissPiggy

    Welcome to da ‘hood. Make sure you turn your laundry light off – electricity costs so much these days, and it shines kind of brightly into our lounge room. Kidding, kidding – honest we’re not spying on you.

    I hope you love your new flat and living in the area – I love Parramatta.

    And congrats on the new camera. I’m toying with the idea of venturing into DSLR land…maybe!

    1. loveramen Post author

      Haha thanks!!!
      I had been really wanting a DSLR for a while (actually, in all I’ve wanted to buy one for 5-6 yrs!!)

      Decided if I didn’t buy one now before I’m a student again, I might not be able to get one for another few years, and really want to boost my blogging/photog abilities.

      Got some top tips from some professional photogs who are friends of mine & I nabbed a killer deal off gumtree. It was actually really uncanny and perfect timing.


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