Express Post: “Chicago Burger” at Johnny’s

Chicago Burger w/ fries — $7.90

Reading food blogs pre-lunch gives cravings. Today it was big, juicy, saucy burger cravings — thanks to Serious Eats’ “A Hamburger Today” blog, which is sheer pleasure.

My lunch time hunt through the streets of Parramatta quickly lead me to Johnny’s Café, a greasy spoon sort of joint on Horwood Place.

The “Chicago Burger” at Johnny’s hits the spot. I was hesitant trying to fulfil my burger craving out of fear of the commonplace frozen burger patty topped with beetroot so prevalent in cafes. Instead I was presented with a juicy, FRESH MADE, pan fried patty of delicious ground beef cooked to burger perfection — slightly pink in the centre. Atop the usual salad trimmings – wonderful, fragrant grilled onions, cheese, ketchup and hot English mustard with that refreshing zip akin to wasabi or horseradish. If anything was a disappointment, it was the bun — this burger deserved better. But alas, accompanied with the crisp and fresh fries, I can go on record for saying this is one of the better burgers I’ve eaten down under.

Johnny’s Cafe
2 Horwood Place
Parramatta, NSW 2150
(02) 9869 1615

Urbanspoon Rocks!
Johnny's Cafe on Urbanspoon


7 thoughts on “Express Post: “Chicago Burger” at Johnny’s

  1. angie

    Sometimes it’s not about the fancy trimmings, as long as they get the basics right. Glad that it’s not only their breakfast that is well cooked and tasty!

  2. Miss Piggy

    That looks like a pretty great burger…they should get their bread from Artisan’s Apprentice Bakery that is just up the road – I’m in love with that bakery! I’m going to have to go to Johnny’s soon for brunch me thinks.

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